Canada’s Gas War Wages On

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The Elsipogtog people have found themselves repeatedly outnumbered by police officers, as Shale Gas attempts exploration on land that they are most definitely not welcome. Many have been arrested, and many more are being pushed back in an attempt to lead the way for the next pipeline project. The protests and support is remarkable, but not near enough as Shale Gas and the RCMP stand against Elsipogtog. The fight is not only for their land and lifestyle, but to protect the most valuable natural resource for all people, our water.

The War for Our Waters

As the face-off between First Nation Elsipogtog and Shale Gas continues, the need for support and supplies grow. Police officers fight to overcome a battle that they must know to be unmoral. The Elsipogtog is only doing what any First Nation that adheres to their spiritual and cultural beliefs would. There is no visible benefit for the earth by beginning this project, and oil is not a necessary resource for our existence. This is only one of many battles that is being fought in our land today, but it is definitely an important one.

People need to know about the gas wars happening in our backyards. Brothers and sisters are putting themselves on the line between fresh water and wastelands. So many people do not understand the magnitude of the events going on in our world today. We must listen to more than main-stream media, and learn about important environmental issues. The economy is one thing, but what does money matter when the world is destroyed? Escaping to the moon seems like the only sensible option in this snapshot of time, but it is clearly not aligned with the big picture.

Moving Many to Idle No More

Idle No More is a movement gaining momentum and support. On Facebook this movement is 120 000 likes strong, and is working on many important issues. The power of solidarity is a strong one. Aboriginal and other Canadian supporters are trying to give back the First Nations voice. The First Nations have the knowledge needed to begin to mend the many wounds man has given nature. I urge everyone that contributes to a cause to research more into the movement, and the action being taken on a variety of environmental issues. All of these causes need monetary and volunteer support, and some of them are of particular importance. Perhaps your regular annual donations could be better placed for the year, and go towards making a positive change in the name of our Mother Earth.

Main-Stream Media Markets Destruction

I watched a commercial yesterday and was both in awe and shock. Awe, because the commercial was beautiful, with amazing landscapes and nature scenes. Shock, because it turned out to be an advertisement for the oil sands and BC pipeline project. That alone was not the most shocking part. At that end of the commercial a large tag line read “We are pretty good at this”. Really, that is what they are going with?. They can drop buckets of money creating, and airing a commercial, yet the best they can come up with is “we are pretty good at this”! I don’t care what industry we are talking about, accidents happen, but somethings are just not worth the risk. This land all needs protecting, and all of our lives and nature is at stake. Reserve land and lands promised to Aboriginals has not been respected, it never has. Thousands of unsettled treaties show the respect of the crown and federal government. More and more of the country is suffering, and should not be pillaged necessarily to feed greed and destruction.

I hope more people begin to hear the cries of the Elsipogtog people, and all of the earth’s warriors. If you are near the area, and can stop to show your support please do. Spirits are high, but numbers are low. Follow the spirit, and respectfully show your opposition to Shale Gas. I am in BC, but my spirit and support are with you there.

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