Affirmations not Resolutions for the New Year

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New Years resolutions are annual promises we make to ourselves to reach goals and fulfill unused potential. What ever the resolution, making one specific  focus would likely check an item off your list, but it seems to me that our lists are never done, and being so specific could limit our potential and opportunity.

Every year is an opportunity to accomplish any number of things. Although there are things that I could always do better, I believe that everything happens when it is supposed to, and putting unrealistic requirements on our lives can lead to feelings of disappointment. Just because we don’t follow through on one commitment, does not mean that we should feel feelings of failure, or overlook our many other accomplishments.

Enjoy every experience as it comes, and always strive to do our best. More of a mantra then resolution, but I have decided this year I will focus more on affirmations than goals. I will continue to work towards all of my goals, hopes and dreams, and accept every experience as a part of the process.

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