Exploring the Embedded Wisdom Within

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Today’s society keeps us moving so quickly, that we too often can not properly stop to think. However, it is with deep thought that comes deep understanding, and it is only when we truly understand that we can see things as they really are. By breaking free of the four-lane highways of our mind, we are able to explore the winding paths of our DNA, and discover the ancient wisdom embedded in us all.

As the cost of living rises, the education gap widens. Free thought is becoming a privilege, and for that our planet and people are suffering. Keeping proper education out of reach gives those with money and influence the ability to shape the minds of tomorrow in their image. Although some of today’s working-class manage to escape the conviction of obligation, most of the population is sentenced to live life blind, disconnected with consciousness. It is not that most people are uneducated (although that could be up for debate I am sure), it is that most of us are not given the time we need to understand ourselves and others. Too many people live a life of ignorance, simple because the can not afford the time it would take to better understand the situation at hand. They don’t see immediate urgency as it is shielded from them, although the current situation could not be more dire.

Although urban areas offer important connectors such as yoga and meditation, there is less and less that binds us with the natural world. New World order relishes in destroying nature, and not just because it fills choice pockets by depleting the world’s resources. It is because without nature we lose touch with our true selves, and forget almost entirely who we are and why we are here. We are being removed from where we are fundamentally meant to be, and are strategically being placed at the front lines of a silent war.

We the people must battle ignorance and greed with love and understanding, and seek refuge in earth fleeting beauty. If we do not encompass the change we wish to see, the small army that threatens the masses will continue to gain ground. With strength and solidarity we can preserve our planet, and again find our purpose.

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