Sources for Women to Help Break the Silence

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rockshope-300x199This International Women’s Day, I had the pleasure to get better acquainted with Sources Women’s Place. The Sources organization held an event on this fitting day to celebrate the launch of its newest resource center. The grounds are inviting, and although new to Sources, the former South Fraser Women’s Services Society has been helping strengthen the community for years. Sources Women’s Place is located on 20th Avenue at 15318. The center has empowered many women to break free from oppression, and express their true selves to better achieve their full potential.

Services include basic essentials such as laundry services and lunch programs, and extend to support empowerment through group programs and a wide variety of resources.  We live in a country of equal opportunity, yet still women fall victim to abuse and earn less on average beside our male counterparts. Denise Darrell, Executive Director of the center vocalized beautifully the importance of continued change. She spoke with poise and determination as she expressed gratitude for today’s progress and hope for women’s rights in the future.

In attendance was CFL’s Travis Lulay, who contributed $10 000 to the organization.The CFL’s participation in the Be More Than a Bystander Intuitive is a groundbreaking step forward in awareness and prevention. The intuitive is bringing women’s issues to the masses and sending a powerful message that violence is not to be tolerated. Abuse is not always barbaric raw emotion, abusers are often manipulative and sophisticated, and use emotions and control tactics to their advantage. The first step to stopping the cycle is to break the silence.

Women deserve to know that there are services in place to help them. They are never alone, no matter how isolated or stuck they may feel. Understanding that not escaping causes more damage, and trying to fix a person can in turn break another is important. Give your children the opportunity to learn healthy habits. Establish within yourself and in your home that violence and abuse is unacceptable, and let your light inside shine brightly. Positivity and openness are key, surround yourself with love and let go of negativity and pain. Remember that healing is a process and that dark nights lead into bright mornings.




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  1. How very true Michelle, and may I add that in summoning the strength to leave an abusive situation it will teach your children that its NOT ok to be bullied, that you must stand up for yourself, that you are important & unique & deserve to be love & cherished by those closest to you.

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