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Exploring the Embedded Wisdom Within

Today’s society keeps us moving so quickly, that we too often can not properly stop to think. However, it is with deep thought that comes deep understanding, and it is only when we truly understand that we can see things as they really are. By breaking free of the four-lane highways of our mind, we are able to explore the winding paths of our DNA, and discover the ancient wisdom embedded in us all. Continue reading Exploring the Embedded Wisdom Within

The Power of Perception

I had a teacher once plant the seed of perception in my mind. He proposed that everyone sees the world differently. We know blue to be blue, because we are taught it is blue. My blue may be your yellow, but because we have labeled it as such, we consider two very different colors as the same. Perhaps that is the first mistake in our misunderstanding of the world around us. We have been taught to see only acceptable options, and not the whole spectrum of possibility. Continue reading The Power of Perception

Idle No More a Revolutionary Movement

January 28th marks a big day in the “Idle No More” movement. Although the impact is debatable, thousands of supporters participated in worldwide protests today to be the voice of our mother earth. Whether the focus is a bill that is feared to farther the destruction and contamination of our great country, or simply to demand that we proactively think about sustainability, it is inspiring to see so many come together. Continue reading Idle No More a Revolutionary Movement

Affirmations not Resolutions for the New Year

New Years resolutions are annual promises we make to ourselves to reach goals and fulfill unused potential. What ever the resolution, making one specific  focus would likely check an item off your list, but it seems to me that our lists are never done, and being so specific could limit our potential and opportunity. Continue reading Affirmations not Resolutions for the New Year

The Power of Intent and the Problem with the Ego

Spiritualists, religious gurus and modern scientists agree that our intentions help form reality. Positive out attracts good energy in, and well-formed ideas and deep-rooted thoughts pave the way for action and manifestation. In a world filled with so many attempting to tap into their conscious selves, why is there so much negativity, poverty and war all around us? Continue reading The Power of Intent and the Problem with the Ego

Listening is the First Step to Following your Dreams

The mind is a powerful thing. It is because of it that you have accomplished everything you have done to date. No faith, fate or destiny can be achieved without thought or openness. Whether it is blind faith or with extensive exploration we believe in the power of energy, putting out positivity and seeing clearly your path and intentions leads to success and balance. Positivity and love is both divine and an amazing truth. Good manifests good and these affirmations can flourish when your mind is open, and your spirit and body are balanced. While you sleep your body rests and your mind explores within itself to process and understand the messages that both the body and spirit are sending.During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep our minds offer us a window to both these messages and those of our own intention and consciousness.

Continue reading Listening is the First Step to Following your Dreams