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Exploring the Embedded Wisdom Within

Today’s society keeps us moving so quickly, that we too often can not properly stop to think. However, it is with deep thought that comes deep understanding, and it is only when we truly understand that we can see things as they really are. By breaking free of the four-lane highways of our mind, we are able to explore the winding paths of our DNA, and discover the ancient wisdom embedded in us all. Continue reading Exploring the Embedded Wisdom Within

Idle No More and Join the Movement

As the First Nations of Canada fight for our land and water, much of the Canadian public sits idle, watching the injustice unfold that could destroy the country we all home. There are too much misled information being broadcast through media and government resources, and the story of the journey for justice and sustainability is falling between the cracks of our corporate driven world. Continue reading Idle No More and Join the Movement

Escape to the Mountains and Savor the Snow

Living in a coastal community is wonderful. Living in BC, we are given the opportunity to get involved with countless summertime activities, and to enjoy many beaches and water front hotspots. When the weather cools down, fewer people stroll the seaside and more seem opt to enjoy seasonal adventures. Continue reading Escape to the Mountains and Savor the Snow

Vancouver’s First Park is Still Number One

Stanley Park is located at the north end of Georgia Street in the heart of Vancouver. Praised as one of Vancouver’s top attractions, the park is recognized as one of the greatest in the world. Beautiful beaches, wildlife, and trails span the 1000 acre space that makes up this historic place.

Continue reading Vancouver’s First Park is Still Number One

Stirring the Pot

California is not the first state or province that has explored the legalization of marijuana. In a world that has so many dangerous addictive drugs, more and more people are starting to wonder if pursuing the common pot smoker is a waste of government dollars.

Rallies and protests bring out many different people from all walks of life to support the use of marijuana. British Columbia and other parts of the world have decriminalized the plant that has been around for centuries and offered so many uses to the modern world. If anyone wants to see the wide spectrum of marijuana’s uses I urge them to conduct a quick web search. Almost anything can be made with hemp, and the medical benefits of the plants are quite inspiring for natural medicine. Continue reading Stirring the Pot

Environmentally Conscious Fashion Sense

Vancouver held Eco Fashion week earlier this month. The event was inspired and showcased designers who are putting the environment in the spotlight. The textile industry as a whole is extremely wasteful. Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create the fabrics that are used to create looks and styles that keep us warm in the winter and looking hot during the summer months. There are however, designers that live and work by a greener standard. Continue reading Environmentally Conscious Fashion Sense