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This Moment in Time

The new year is in full swing. It is hard to believe how quickly time seems to pass. Life keeps me busy, and my children seem to grow faster each and every day. I remember the times when the boys were babies, and I would think of all the adventures we would have as they grew. I learned long ago to stop thinking about what we could do when they were bigger, and to focus on where they are in the moment. Once they have out grown certain clothes and stages they will never fit back into them again. I have begun to live in the present trying to stay where we are, and not look too much into the future. Continue reading This Moment in Time

My Positive Parenting ‘Rant’

Life is beautifully busy. I am blessed with the bliss of parenthood. Although it is often clouded by the burdens of life, I enjoy as much of it as I can. Between running a household, two school-aged boys, a spirited three year old daughter and freelance work, I find precious few moments to pursue my passions and find my purpose. There is always too many things to do and not enough time, and it seems there will always be a number of ‘lists’ that never actually make their way onto my ‘list’. Continue reading My Positive Parenting ‘Rant’

A Journal Entry from My Journey

2012-12-30-20.30.172012 has been an amazing and busy year. Although I haven’t blogged since the summer,  I have accomplished some great things, and achieved some of my short-term goals. I have taken on a heavy volunteer load, but have really enjoyed the process and learned many new and useful skills. Fundraising for my children’s school doesn’t show any personal financial gain, but the experience and gratitude is priceless. With the school year half over and the New Year beginning, I feel the need to refocus on my business, as marketing and networking are two other parts of my business that have seen no attention since September. Continue reading A Journal Entry from My Journey

Deep Rooted Strength

I have been reflecting a lot this past month on my life and spirituality. I am in a place where I am facing fears and negativity with an open heart and mind. This has made my look within myself to find strength and love in unlikely places. Quite often in life there are situations and experiences that cause hurt. These are meant to be acknowledged, reflected upon to encourage growth and understanding, and then released. Sometimes this is not easy, and frustration and anger begin to surface between the lessons and forgiveness. Continue reading Deep Rooted Strength

The Will of a Woman and the Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day to many is a day filled with good friends and green beer. Sadly however, most people today draw blanks when asked what the holiday stands for. The feeling on St. Patrick’s Day is light-hearted and good spirited, but the message for which St. Patrick stands is fading in today’s generation. Continue reading The Will of a Woman and the Luck of the Irish

A New Year and a New Phase of My Journey

The New Year is here. 2011 was an amazing year filled with so much change and opportunity. According to the stars the year marked the beginning of a new phase of my journey, and it has definitely proven to be so. It is empowering to know that my family is complete, and that I am where I am meant to be in my life’s journey. As I learn, I embrace life’s lessons and love. I have grown, and will continue to do so as 2012 begins. Life is never dull, and I try to enjoy all the energy and beauty all around me. Continue reading A New Year and a New Phase of My Journey

The Slow and Short of the Season

Trying to settle into winter is difficult when there is always so much to do. I love being busy. I do try to slow down to enjoy each task as it is done, although it seems I don’t have as much time with winter’s short days and long nights. I have been in a stage of creation, and look forward to making the transition back into balance, and working better once again with my right sided self. It is time to get organized, and de-clutter my mind and work on other items on my many lists. Continue reading The Slow and Short of the Season

Fall Flowers and the Arrival of Autumn

October is in full swing and November is already right at the front door. The change of season is an amazing thing. The smell of crisp fall air is something that always makes me smile, it warms my heart as the days grow colder. The colors of the trees are inspirational, and remind me that nothing is permanent. We are always growing and changing in our lives and in our relationships. I love and value all those in my life, and recognize that we are always teaching and learning from each other.I feel full of love as I live life with a busy balance of creation, motherhood and business. Making my children happy and watching them grow fuels my inspiration and motivates me to achieve. Following dreams lead to infinite wealth. Even though this wealth doesn’t always reflect on our bank statements, we always benefit from productivity and positivity. Continue reading Fall Flowers and the Arrival of Autumn