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My Positive Parenting ‘Rant’

Life is beautifully busy. I am blessed with the bliss of parenthood. Although it is often clouded by the burdens of life, I enjoy as much of it as I can. Between running a household, two school-aged boys, a spirited three year old daughter and freelance work, I find precious few moments to pursue my passions and find my purpose. There is always too many things to do and not enough time, and it seems there will always be a number of ‘lists’ that never actually make their way onto my ‘list’. Continue reading My Positive Parenting ‘Rant’

Finding Balance in a Busy Life

As my life becomes increasingly full, I find myself constantly re-evaluating priorities and juggling schedules. Being a mother, a business women, volunteer and an employee means that quite often my lists and intentions are left sitting for longer than anticipated.With careful planning, multi-tasking capabilities and perseverance, things get done and deadlines are met. Continue reading Finding Balance in a Busy Life

Sources for Women to Help Break the Silence

rockshope-300x199This International Women’s Day, I had the pleasure to get better acquainted with Sources Women’s Place. The Sources organization held an event on this fitting day to celebrate the launch of its newest resource center. The grounds are inviting, and although new to Sources, the former South Fraser Women’s Services Society has been helping strengthen the community for years. Sources Women’s Place is located on 20th Avenue at 15318. The center has empowered many women to break free from oppression, and express their true selves to better achieve their full potential. Continue reading Sources for Women to Help Break the Silence

Are You Overspending on Your Kids? Where to Spend and Where to Save


They brighten days and light up lives. Although the best things in life are said to be free, raising children is a costly endeavor. Here in Canada the national average comes in at over $200 000. This figure includes healthcare, everyday needs and gifts, but it doesn’t factor in expenses like post secondary education, wedding expenses or vehicles. With the cost of just about everything on the rise, it is more important than ever to stretch your dollars where possible. Whether you have deep pockets or a modest budget, saving on everyday expenses leads to more efficient spending, and leaves more room to save. Continue reading Are You Overspending on Your Kids? Where to Spend and Where to Save

The New Look and Style of the Mom Gene

Long ago are the days where being a mother meant retiring your stilettos and opting in to the cookie cutter mold that was considered “mom fashion”. High waist jeans and patterned blouses may have kept women feeling comfortable 30 years ago, but a shift has been made. Many fashion forward women have made a graceful transition into motherhood without leaving their fashion identity behind. I would like to consider myself one of those women. Continue reading The New Look and Style of the Mom Gene

Courtside Battles

Divorce is all too common to children in Canada and to the family justice lawyers that are there to help them. Custody battles are going on all the time. Many of them are long and ugly drawn out processes that last longer than anyone involved would like them to. The only way to avoid this is to come to terms with failed relationships, forgiveness on both parties and mutual opinions and expectations of your child’s life structure. Ideally this would work for everyone, but it is not hard to see why this is often not the case. Continue reading Courtside Battles