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Affirmations not Resolutions for the New Year

New Years resolutions are annual promises we make to ourselves to reach goals and fulfill unused potential. What ever the resolution, making one specific  focus would likely check an item off your list, but it seems to me that our lists are never done, and being so specific could limit our potential and opportunity. Continue reading Affirmations not Resolutions for the New Year

Build the Website that Suits your Business Best

No matter the size or type of business you run, a strong online presence is crucial with today’s fast paced technology. More people turn to the web everyday to find products and services. If prospective customers don’t find you, they will find someone else. Building a website is an important part of growing your business, and choosing the right design platform means the difference between short-term and long-term productivity. Many business owners make this decision without much thought, but ending up with a website that is inefficient is a mistake that can waste company time and money. Continue reading Build the Website that Suits your Business Best

The Pocket Office

When upgrading my phone last week, I discovered the power of mobile technology. It is truly amazing how far cell phones have come in the past few years. Being able to call clients and text friends is really only a small part of what these phones are capable of doing. With dual processors and high quality cameras, people on the go are needing their laptops and cameras less, and are able to conduct an amazing amount of business from their phones. Continue reading The Pocket Office

Its About Who You Know

Without realizing it we expand our networks and strengthen the bonds that hold them together everyday. Our family, friends and co-workers are valuable resources that enrich our lives. They can offer insights and opinions that help us navigate through our life experiences, and sometimes get us in touch with others that can help us advance along our journey. The principle to networking is simple. The bigger the network, the more contacts we have that can help us up the ladder of success. Continue reading Its About Who You Know

Writer’s Blog? Vancouver’s Best Places to Write

Whether it is writing for school, for the office or a blog entry, getting into a flow and finding the right inspiration can be difficult. Luckily for me and thousands others, Vancouver is filled with great places to settle in for some writing, or to find the right inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Leave the regular congested hot spots in search of more tranquil settings. The local Starbucks and Chapters are great, but a little bit of change can do wonders in breaking through mental blocks. Even if it’s just moving your laptop down the block to a different barista, shaking it up can open your mind up to fresh thoughts and ideas that have previously been unexplored. Continue reading Writer’s Blog? Vancouver’s Best Places to Write