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This Moment in Time

The new year is in full swing. It is hard to believe how quickly time seems to pass. Life keeps me busy, and my children seem to grow faster each and every day. I remember the times when the boys were babies, and I would think of all the adventures we would have as they grew. I learned long ago to stop thinking about what we could do when they were bigger, and to focus on where they are in the moment. Once they have out grown certain clothes and stages they will never fit back into them again. I have begun to live in the present trying to stay where we are, and not look too much into the future. Continue reading This Moment in Time

My Positive Parenting ‘Rant’

Life is beautifully busy. I am blessed with the bliss of parenthood. Although it is often clouded by the burdens of life, I enjoy as much of it as I can. Between running a household, two school-aged boys, a spirited three year old daughter and freelance work, I find precious few moments to pursue my passions and find my purpose. There is always too many things to do and not enough time, and it seems there will always be a number of ‘lists’ that never actually make their way onto my ‘list’. Continue reading My Positive Parenting ‘Rant’

The Waste of Wonderland; Queen of Hearts

The Wonderland series is an evolution of the Recycled Medium Flowers. I am still basing my design concepts on turning trash to treasure, but I am also being liberal with embellishment and aiming for a more polished look. While this series is meant to be beautiful and thought provoking, it is also very much a window into my mind. Each piece is created with things that I saw as beautiful or useful, and collected along the way. Through them I hope the work speaks clearly, and offers a story. Continue reading The Waste of Wonderland; Queen of Hearts