The Art of Life



Storms come and go.

Weather systems like phases of life, bring different conditions to which we need to adapt.

We grow and change in the various environments that pass through our present to shape our future.

We mold our thoughts and become who we are based upon this circumstance. The truth that is our lives only exists in this particular moment of time.

We must watch the stars in wonder, as it is when the clouds part that we see clearly.

Seasons come and go.

We learn to live and enjoy our surroundings at different times and in different ways.

As the world turns and as the days pass, we embrace the gifts the calender brings.

We gain knowledge and share experiences, hoping to change pain into intellect and growth.

We attempt to predict the unknown, and contest the predictions of certainty.

We mustn’t wander into false comforts, as tomorrow is yet to be seen and it is tomorrow that will deliver the sentence of today.


Articles of Thought